I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. With an early age I developed a passion for visual arts, especially photography. At that time, back in 2006, my definition of “photography” evolved from an enjoyable past time into a possible career path.

As such the only logical and satisfying decision was to leave my family in Germany and move to England to benefit from their education system. In fall 2007 I enrolled at the boarding school Hurtwood House in Surrey, which I chose because of its focus on visual and performing arts. I successfully finished my A-Levels in Art & Design and Photography in 2009. Following up on this I spent a year doing an Art & Design Foundation Course in Brighton, England’s creative heart.   In addition to personal photography projects and the occasional photo shoot I gained experience working as a part time photography assistant during the following months. The experimentation with mixed media during my spare time reignited the desire to explore other forms of art.   As a consequence I decided it was time to take the next step in my career. In December 2011 I moved back home and successfully applied for a place at Kunstschule Wandsbek in Hamburg, where I am currently studying Communication Design.

I have over five years of experience in photography and many other mediums of art, such as drawing, painting and mono printing. Determined self-tutoring combined with working alongside brilliant teachers and inspiring established and upcoming artists have helped me to become the passionate photographer/artist I am today and constantly grow to be.

I have explored most genres of photography and never shy away from new challenges. I worked for advertising companies and at music events. My passion has its roots in fine art photography. I feel photography is my way to tell stories and express emotions. I am drawn to obscure and fictional art. Rough urbanscapes are one of my favourite locations.

2001 – 2007
Gymnasium Buckhorn,
Hamburg, Germany

2007 – 2009
Hurtwood House,
Dorking, UK

A-Levels in Photography,
Art & Design

2009 – 2010
City College,
Brighton & Hove, UK

Art & Design
Foundation Course

2010 – 2012
Living and working in
Brighton & Hove, UK

2012 – present
Kunstschule Wandsbek
Hamburg, Germany

Communication Design

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